With world crises and human suffering having reached historic levels we must act now or face increasing global uncertainty. 


Regardless of history, blood spilled, or differences of any kind, a future of conflict, division, harm, injustice, and suffering is not what anyone wants.


We must collectively commit to making the world a better place for today and future tomorrows for all. Our time is NOW; we must take a STAND!

The Stand 2016 asks YOU to make your commitment to ending the cycles of discrimination, prejudice, and division that cause conflict and harm.

© 2016 

The Stand Is a global peace pledge, drafted by Ian Bradbury, Founder and CEO of The 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force (Canada), based upon the workings of, and in collaboration with, Stephen M. Apatow, President and Founder of Humanitarian Resource Initiatives Institute, The Global Interfaith Peace Declaration.

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